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Product group: Bakery products

For all baked goods you will find exact information on the ingredients. As a result, health-conscious people, diabetics and allergy sufferers can choose products that are suitable for them! Backages are 1 or 2 times a week, usually on weekends: Thursday and / or Friday. I am happy to inform you every week about the baking day and special offers and other news via Whatsapp or Email.

Fine, light wholegrain bread with a mild sourdough taste

The favorite bread of my customers
Loose fine wholemeal wheat bread with wild pore, very pleasant light sourdough taste and a soft crust.
500 Gram   140 Peso
1000 Gram   240 Peso
1000 Gram   240 Peso

Pure gingerbread spice Nuremberg style

Fine gingerbread spice with aromatic cinnamon, spicy cloves, fresh cardamom and a pinch of black pepper. So you always have a perfect spice mixture for your own gingerbread creation at hand.
50 Gram   250 Peso
100 Gram   450 Peso