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Now you can have bread in the Dominican Republic according to traditional German recipes with completely natural ingredients and without additives.

In recent years, I have built a stone oven on my finca and bake there weekly natural sourdough breads that really deserve this name.

See for yourself, these are all ingredients:

- 100% all-natural whole wheat flour
- Clean water
- Mineral rich sea salt, produced naturally by solar evaporation
- Propellant: pure self-drawn natural sourdough.
- depending on the recipe: natural spices and other natural ingredients, like grains, seeds and seeds.

There will be no sugar, preservatives, stabilizers or other artificial Additives used. It also no non-declarable excipients are used. In any case, all ingredients are always listed!

The breads have many hours to mature and the unique aroma of natural sourdough. After that they are in my stone oven only with the Heat of the stone gently baked.

At a time when even most small bakeries are almost finished Use baking mixes with appropriate additives, this bread is a real experience and it has many advantages:

- Due to the natural sourdough it is very digestible and tasty
- Rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber
- Long lasting, easily several days to a week (depending on humidity)

More baked goods are planned for the future:
- Different breads and cakes
- Baked goods for christmas
- Bread and cookies without gluten
All with special ingredients and traditional preparations, but health precious! As a result, our products are also available in individually dosed quantities Diabetics and numerous diets suitable.